TPI Composites

2019 Engagement Case Study: ESG Disclosure

TPI Composites is in our ‘Cleaner energy’ theme as its main business is in manufacturing wind turbine blades for the major wind turbine manufacturers around the world. The company also creates lightweight components and parts for the automotive and bus industries.

Engagement issue
ESG Disclosure

Engagement Objective
To encourage TPI Composites to publish a sustainability report covering key ESG issues facing the business

Scope and process
As a young and relatively small business, TPI Composites had never published data on the environmental and health and safety issues associated with its operations. As part of our regular dialogue with the company, we encouraged the company to produce a sustainability report when we first invested in the company in 2017.

In 2018, the company produced some initial health and safety data and committed to producing a fuller report in 2019. It also announced that it was recruiting additional resources to coordinate this work across the business.

In 2020, we were asked to review a late draft of a sustainability report and made several suggestions to the proposed content and structure.

Outcome: Successful
TPI Composites published their first sustainability report in March 2020. The contains detailed performance data and improvement objectives on key issues.